Paid Search: 5 Valentine’s Day Google Ads Settings Tips

Paid Search: 5 Valentine’s Day Google Ads Settings Tips

Paid Search 5 Valentine's Day Google Ads Settings Tips

With Valentine’s Day approaching, many businesses are running special promotions. Learn how your business can take advantage of holidays with these 5 Google Ads Paid Search tips for Valentine’s Day!

1. Target Conversions

If you’re running a limited-time promotion, you likely want to drive sales. First, select the “Sales” campaign goal and “Search” campaign type in Google Ads.

Select the Sales campaign goal and the Search campaign type.

Next, under “Budget and bidding” choose one of the recommended bidding strategies. Maximizing Conversions focuses on getting the highest number of conversions for your set budget. Maximizing Conversion Value focuses on getting the highest conversion value for your set budget.

Choose one of the recommended bidding strategies: Maximize Conversions or Maximize Conversion Value.

2. Use the Time-Related Settings

You also want to make sure that your Valentine’s Day Paid Search Ads run at the right times.

First, set the Start and End Dates. This will control when your ad will start and stop entering into ad auctions. This can prevent your ad from showing after the promotion has ended. To find the setting, click “Show more settings” beneath the “Networks” options.

Control the dates your ads will run with Start and End dates. Make sure to set the End date, so your Paid Search ad doesn't run after the promotion has ended.

You can also adjust the Ad Schedule. This lets you limit the times and days of the week your ads run. For example, you can make sure your ad only appears during business hours. To find this setting, click “Show more settings” beneath the “Budget and bidding” options.

Control the times and days of the week that your paid search ads will run with Ad Schedule settings.

[EDIT: As of April 2020, accelerated delivery will no longer be available.] Lastly, you can adjust the Delivery Method. While standard delivery shows your ad throughout the day, accelerated delivery spends your budget as fast as possible and then shuts it off. For time-sensitive promotions, such as an early-morning sale, accelerated delivery could be used to ensure your budget is spent while the ad is relevant.

3. Make the Most of Ad Extensions

Google recommends using at least 4 Ad Extensions, but there are 10 extensions in the Ad extensions settings:

The Ad Extensions settings provide several options for you to add to your Paid Search ads for Valentine's Day.

Depending on your business, here are 5 extensions that might be particularly useful:

  • Callout: adds text that highlights business offerings, such as free shipping
  • Location: drives foot traffic to your brick and mortar store by adding your location, a call option, and a link to your business details
  • Structured Snippet: adds information with headers, such as product categories, and a list of items
  • Price: showcases your product categories and their starting prices
  • Promotion: uses special occasions, like Valentine’s Day, and allows 2 lines of text for a promotion or special offer

4. Find Relevant Keywords

Next, carefully consider the keywords you add to your Ad Group. These keywords should be closely related to each other and to your ad copy to improve ad relevance. I have a blog post about keyword research methods to help you choose these keywords!

5. Improve Your Ad Quality Score

The Quality Score for your ads affects your Ad Rank, which Google uses to determine which ads to serve and their order. Optimize the three factors of Quality Score:

  • Expected Click-Through Rate (CTR): High historical CTR of your ad (percentage of clicks compared to impressions) implies your ad is highly relevant. You can improve the expected CTR with relevant keywords and ad extensions.
  • Landing Page Experience: Your ad landing page should be useful and easy to navigate. Higher quality landing pages will increase the Quality Score.
  • Ad Relevance: Your ad quality also depends on its relevance to the search query. You can increase relevance by including query keywords in the ad copy with keyword insertion.

Additional Resources

However, Quality Score is not the only consideration for Ad Auctions. For more information about biddable media and Ad Rank factors, read my blog post:

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