10 Resources for Learning Digital Marketing at Home [COVID-19]

10 Resources for Learning Digital Marketing at Home [COVID-19]

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While coronavirus (COVID-19) is keeping many of us at home during this time, it has also given some of us the opportunity to take time to learn new skills. As Internet traffic continues to increase through this situation, the impact of digital marketing on the future of business has possibly never been more clear. If you want to learn a new skill to add to your resume or help grow your business, here is a round-up of 10 online resources for learning digital marketing at home!

1. Skillshop Google Ads Training

Skillshop is the official training platform to learn Google Ads. You can learn about each of the biddable media types, including Search, Display, Video, and Shopping. Furthermore, Skillshop provides a course about Google Ads Measurement for monitoring your ad performance.

Through Skillshop, you may also become certified in each of these areas by passing the free certification exams. You can add these certifications to your resume as well as your LinkedIn profile!

2. Google Analytics Academy

Also through the Skillshop platform, Google offers Google Analytics Academy training. Going through the course material for Google Analytics will teach you how to use the measurement tool, generate reports, and analyze metrics for your business. After that, you can take a Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam to receive certification in Google Ads.

3. Think with Google

Another resource from Google is the Think with Google newsletter. This provides insights from Google about marketing research as well as other digital marketing topics. If you subscribe, Google will send articles directly to your email inbox about consumer insights, marketing resources, and advertising. This is a quick, easy way to learn about digital marketing.

4. Google Ads YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the easiest ways to gain knowledge about SEO, biddable media, analytics, and more. Subscribing to the Google Ads YouTube channel is one way to stay up-to-date on all of the changes to Google Ads and get Google’s recommendations for ad campaigns. Furthermore, many of these videos are only a few minutes long, which gives you the opportunity to learn a little bit every day without being overwhelmed.

Many digital marketers also share tips and techniques from their experience working in the field on YouTube. Subscribing to these other digital marketing channels can provide you with perspective and insights from real-life digital marketers.

The Google Ads Youtube channel provides tips and recommendations for using the Google Ads platform.

5. Digital Marketing Blogs

In the same realm, reading digital marketing blogs from gurus and agencies is another great way to learn more about digital marketing topics. Here is a list of some of the blogs I’ve referenced:

You can also check out the resources on my blog about biddable media topics and techniques:

6. Online Learning Platforms: Skillshare, Lynda, and Udemy

Online learning platforms that you’ve probably heard about before, such as Skillshare, Lynda (now LinkedIn Learning), and Udemy can also be used to learn about digital marketing. Although some learning platforms are paid subscriptions, you’ll not only have access to digital marketing content but also courses on other skills, such as programming, design, or productivity. Many of the courses on these platforms are developed by digital marketing entrepreneurs or business professionals, which gives you an inside perspective as well.

Udemy and other online learning platforms provide courses on digital marketing topics and techniques.

7. Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint is the learning platform for Facebook for Business. Here, you can learn the ins and outs of advertising on Facebook and Instagram. You can also become certified in Facebook Blueprint with multiple certifications, including Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate, Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional, and many more!

8. Microsoft Advertising

Although Google Ads is the leading search engine globally, Bing is still the default search engine for the Microsoft Edge browser, which is preinstalled on millions of devices. Thus, although smaller in scale, Bing search rankings and paid advertising may be valuable for your business. With Microsoft Advertising, you have access to valuable knowledge about SEO and paid marketing campaigns for free. By completing the course and passing the certification exam, you can become a Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional for a year.

9. Website Builders: WordPress, Weebly, and Wix

Another approach to learning digital marketing at home is to get hands-on experience in building and writing content for a website. To begin, find a website builder, such as WordPress, Weebly, or Wix (although there are many more). From there, you can choose to buy your own domain or you can just use the free version as practice.

When you have your website, practice writing content, such as blog posts. You can try to employ onsite SEO and offsite SEO techniques to rank for some target keywords. As a tip, try using long-tail keywords (three or more words) so there is less competition from much more authoritative websites.

10. American Marketing Association Webinars

If you’re in college and have the opportunity to join an American Marketing Association collegiate chapter, I would recommend it. I have served on the Executive Board for the American Marketing Association chapter at the University of Michigan-Dearborn for 2 semesters so far, and I believe the experience and career opportunities offered by the organization are better than any other resource on campus. If you’ve already graduated, see if you can join an American Marketing Association professional chapter in your area. If you are in Southeastern Michigan, here is the link to AMA Detroit.

Not only does AMA provide you with in-person networking opportunities, but the organization also provides online webinars you can attend. Most of these are free if you have paid for an annual membership. These webinars cover a range of topics, such as email marketing, SEO, marketing management, and more. To find out when these online events are happening as well as in-person conferences, visit the AMA events webpage.

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Additional Resources

Another option for learning about digital media is to receive a university education. Learn about the Michigan undergraduate digital marketing programs in my blog post:

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