17 Digital Marketing Jobs & 3 Career Path Options

17 Digital Marketing Jobs & 3 Career Path Options

17 Digital Marketing Jobs &  3 Career Path Options Title

Whether you are currently getting your digital marketing degree or you are still deciding if digital marketing is right for you, you probably have questions about what digital marketing jobs are out there.

Here are 17 possible digital marketing jobs based on information provided by Digital Marketing professor, Jeremy Sutton, at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

Technical Marketing Jobs

Technical marketing careers are jobs that involve marketing-specific knowledge, such as SEO, Website Analytics, or Email Marketing.

  1. SEO Analyst / Manager: Works on the organic search strategy for a business
  2. Paid Search Analyst / Manager: Works on the paid search strategy in Google Ads
  3. Media Buyer / Media Planning: Buys ad inventory and placements for Display Ads, usually at a larger ad agency
  4. Digital Marketing Analyst / Manager: Oversees cross-channel marketing campaigns, such as SEO, SEM, and Biddable Media, usually at a smaller agency or company
  5. Content Development Marketing Specialist: Develops and markets content, such as blog posts and video content
  6. Analytics Manager: Analyzes and manages data to make recommendations and inform the digital marketing strategy, usually at agencies or large companies
  7. Video Marketer: Monetizes and optimizes video content on YouTube to generate views and get in front of a target audience, usually at agencies or large companies
  8. Social Media Analyst / Manager: Works on social media and blogging (Note: this position has transitioned to Content Development over the past 5 years.)
  9. Marketing Automation Specialist: Works to build rulesets for strategic, customized communication with customers, such as through email marketing
  10. Email Marketer: Works on writing and sending email marketing campaigns that receive high open and response rates
  11. Account Director / Account Manager: Works as the first point of contact with clients for agencies

Creative & Experience Jobs

Creative and experience related jobs usually require specialized skill sets, such as programming and/or writing skills.

  1. User Experience (UX) Designer or Strategist: Works to improve the user experience aspects, like navigation and user journey for example
  2. User Interface (UI) Designer: Works with interfaces and elements of apps and websites, such as buttons, arrows, and sliders
  3. Copywriter: Writes content, usually for an ad agency, such as short-form content or blog posts
  4. Creative Director: Manages the visual design of digital marketing (i.e. photography, graphics, etc), usually with prior experience in fine arts
  5. Front-End Developer: Uses website programming skills, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to develop the front-end of a website
  6. Back-End Developer: Uses website programming skills to develop the back-end of a website (i.e. security, structure, etc.
Image Credit: Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

Digital Marketing Career Paths

In addition to all of these options, keep in mind that in marketing there are often three options for career paths:

  1. Marketing or Ad Agency: Here, most of your colleagues will likely be marketers. Additionally, at larger agencies, you may have the opportunity to work on projects for multiple clients. Thus, there is the added benefit of variety in your work.
  2. In-House Marketing: Often larger companies and corporations have an in-house marketing department. This can be rewarding work because you’re doing marketing for the company you work for.
  3. Freelance or Project-Based: In this scenario, you would have the added flexibility of being self-employed, but this also comes with added responsibilities and less job security.

If one or a few of these digital marketing careers piqued your interest, begin learning digital marketing concepts and find an undergraduate program today!

**As I have noted, this information was provided by my digital marketing instructor. For more information about the course and why this site exists, visit the contact page.

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