Choosing Between Digital Marketing and Marketing: Undergrad Major

Choosing Between Digital Marketing and Marketing: Undergrad Major

Choosing Between Digital Marketing and Marketing: Undergrad Major Title

For many students, choosing a college major can be stressful and confusing. Even if you have an idea of what you want to do in your future career, narrowing down your decision can be tough. To make choosing even more difficult, some universities have begun offering undergraduate Digital Marketing programs in addition to their pre-existing Marketing programs.

Two of these universities are located right here in Michigan, including the University of Michigan-Dearborn and Western Michigan University. Other universities in the state, such as Ferris State University, offer digital marketing certificates.

Check out my blog post for the full breakdown of digital marketing degree programs in Michigan:

So, how do you choose between pursuing a Digital Marketing or traditional Marketing degree?

Application of Concepts

One of the things to consider when choosing a major is how it will apply to your future career goals. After all, nobody wants to spend money to sit in classes that don’t teach them things that they can use later on. One of the differences between marking and digital marketing is the ability to get hands-on experience in classes.

Although both majors have many classes in common, digital marketing classes have the unique ability to provide real-world experience. This is because several digital marketing resources, including, Google Ads, and even, are free or relatively cheap to get started with. This makes digital marketing more accessible than other traditional channels of marketing, such as print media or TV spots.

Résumé Keywords

Today, recruiters are looking for a variety of applicants. Because digital marketing programs are less common than marketing programs, it might provide you with an opportunity to stand out. Click here for a list of the universities in Michigan offering digital marketing programs!

During interviews, recruiters have asked me on several occasions why I chose to major in digital marketing. This has given me the chance to talk about my future career goals and how it relates to their company. Combined with an applied statistics minor, I can show how I am preparing for changes toward data-driven decisions and online marketing strategy.

Additionally, HR departments these days often filter resumes through computer systems focused on keywords. Majoring in Digital Marketing versus Marketing may give you a slight advantage in this regard because your resume will get flagged in algorithms looking for the keyword “marketing” as well as those programmed to look for “digital marketing.” Although it may be a small difference, you may wish to consider it when making your decision.

Undergraduate Program

Perhaps the most important decision is to look at the degree programs themselves. When making your decision, you must consider the differences in requirements for a Digital Marketing degree versus a Marketing degree. Often, there will be overlap in required courses, but taking a closer look will ensure you make an informed decision.

The decision to choose a Digital Marketing or traditional Marketing major may influence the electives you can take. If one set of options appeals to you more than the other, make sure to factor that into your choice! Your major may also influence the flexibility of course scheduling and planning.

In the end, choosing your major is a personal choice, and Digital Marketing and Marketing are only two options. You can always change your major later, depending on your courses and career outlooks. For more on potential careers with a digital marketing degree, read my post here!

If you’re looking for general information about choosing a major, here is a helpful video from Academic & Life Coach, Ana Mascara on YouTube:

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