5 Reasons to Get a Digital Marketing Degree

5 Reasons to Get a Digital Marketing Degree

Whether you’re already in university or you’re still trying to decide where you want to go, deciding on your degree program is an important and sometimes confusing decision. In this post, I will share 5 reasons to get a digital marketing degree.

1. Marketing Online is the Future

Marketers are shifting their focus to online channels more and more. Just take a look at the advertisements that companies run on every social media platform from Instagram to YouTube. We also see ads with every Google search and on websites where we get our news and entertainment.

Marketing online provides several advantages for companies, including:

  • Flexibility to quickly change or remove ads
  • Personalization based on information gathered on users’ web activity
  • Ability to spread a message to thousands of people relatively cheaply and easily

The digital/online part of marketing budgets is expected to be up from 42% in 2019 – to around 45% on average by 2020.

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Therefore, we can see companies are moving their marketing budgets from traditional marketing channels toward digital marketing channels. Thus, it will be important to be well-versed in these concepts to compete in the job market. A digital marketing degree will help you whether you want to work for an automotive company in Michigan or for a tech giant in California.

2. Balance of Theory and Application

Digital Marketing degrees provide a unique opportunity to get a balance of education in theory as well as application. If you’ve ever sat in class wondering “How will I use this in my career?” an undergraduate digital marketing program might be for you.

Digital marketing is often more affordable and accessible than traditional marketing channels, such as print ads, billboards, or television ads. Because of this, it is possible to have more application in the classroom. Thus, many digital marketing programs provide more hands-on experience.

Find out more about the differences between digital marketing and marketing majors here!

3. Combines Creative with Analytical

As digital marketing as a discipline continues to evolve, it has become clear that the skills and concepts borrow from several other disciplines, including statistics, psychology, art and design, and English and writing. Thus, someone with an interest in any of these areas may find digital marketing as an avenue to practically apply these skills.

With large amounts of data being collected about consumers, data analytics is a growing field for those with knowledge in digital marking concepts. Furthermore, focus on content marketing exposes a need for copywriting and long-form writing, such as with blog posts. Therefore, digital marketing provides opportunities for students to pursue their passions in other disciplines and combine both creative and analytical skillsets.

4. Flexible Foundation

Similarly, an undergraduate digital marketing program provides flexibility for future learning and careers. There are several options regardless of your preference for pursuing the creative side or analytical side of digital marketing. Some of these include jobs ranging from SEO and other organic digital marketing to paid biddable media. Furthermore, specialties such as social media, email, and content marketing provide many areas for students to explore.

Learn more about possible careers with a digital marketing degree here!

5. Continued Learning

The last of the reasons to get a digital marketing degree is the opportunity to keep learning. As a relatively new discipline, digital marketing is always evolving. Because platforms continuously adjust their algorithms and experiments are conducted to find best practices, there’s always something new to discover. This leads to a more fulfilling and interesting career after graduation and the completion of the digital marketing program.

“Learning must not stop once we get the job we want. It must be a central part of our work and personal lives. Even the most successful people among us cite learning as a top factor for their success.”

Andrew Thomas from Inc.com

For more details about digital marketing programs in Michigan and to answer more of your questions, you can find more resources on my blog:

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